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Timber Casement Windows


At the Window Sanctuary, we specialise in two different types of timber casement windows:

Standard Timber Casement Windows

Many clients who are replacing their timber windows will already have timber casement windows that are single-glazed, possibly a little rotten and will therefore be in need of a modern double-glazed version.

We offer a wide range of modern, double-glazed timber casement windows that are ideal for unlisted residential properties where replacement timber windows are required. They are also well suited to new-build projects which must achieve all of the relevant building regulations. These products include the latest thermal technology and energy ratings, maximum security, trickle ventilation and require less maintenance. These windows offer excellent value for money and suit most properties.

All of our products are extremely high quality and will last a lifetime. They are available in hardwoods such as Red Grandis or Accoya. At The Window Sanctuary, we ensure our timber windows are chemically dipped and prepared so they won’t twist and warp like old timber window frames. They are then hand sprayed in the factory with 3 coats of micro-porous paint, so there is no need to paint them for up to 10 years. There are over 200 RAL colours to choose from plus stock colours.

Heritage Timber Casement Windows

With a period property that has existing timber windows, you may prefer to, or be required to, replace like for like to ensure the character of the property is not affected. Old timber window frames will bend and contract with heat and cold, but modern timbers are treated so that the frame does not move with the changing temperature. These timber windows have been specifically designed to offer a compelling solution for aesthetics and energy efficiency when replacing windows in listed and historically important buildings and for properties in areas of outstanding natural beauty.


Energy saving performance

Ask us about our lastest Landvac® glazing range which achieves 0.4 w/m2k overall U value or 0.8 w/m2k overall U value on our Heritage range.

A wide choice of quality fittings are available in a range of complementary finishes.

Our standard timber casement windows achieve an impressive 1.5 w/m2k overall U value and, when glazed with energy-saving thermafloat warm-edge sealed units, can achieve 1.1 w/m2k. Seals are of Q-Lon to ensure maximum draught-free surrounds and the ultra-tight lockable furniture is PAS 24-compliant. 



  • Landvac® glazing range which achieves 0.4 w/m2k overall U value or 0.8 w/m2k overall U value on our Heritage range of timber casement windows.
  • Replicates appearance of traditional style casement windows.
  • Accoya and Red Grandis timber lasts a lifetime.
  • Each window is bespokely made using traditional methods.
  • Low U Values + excellent thermal efficiency.
  • Over 200 RAL colours to choose from + stock colours - factory sprayed with 3 coats of micro-porous paint - no need to paint for up to 10 years.
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These innovative, high performance windows offer the best of all worlds: the appearance of the traditional single-glazed windows of yesteryear, modern levels of heat and noise insulation, plus low maintenance, durability, sustainability, and low life-cycle costs.