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Timber sash windows

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Sash windows are usually dictated by the period of the property.  They can be anything from Edwardian, Victorian, or Georgian. The sash window is basically two sashes, or two pieces of window, and normally the bottom one and the top one both open, although not normally at the same time.

Traditional sash windows are made of timber. However, now windows can be manufactured using modern materials such as plastic and foiled plastics. We are quite purist and would tend to recommend just traditional timber.

Traditional timber sash windows would have had lead weights and ropes at the side and within the sides of the sash window frame. They would have certain lead weights to counter-balance the weight of the sash. The lead weights on the ropes, which pass through the pulleys, allow the windows to go up and down freely. If the lead weight isn’t enough, it’s not going to open your window, and if it’s too much it might make it close too fast.

When we replace sash windows, we will replace all of the ropes and weights.  If you don’t want the potential maintenance of ropes and weights, we can install a spiral balanced hinge instead, which allows the window to open and close without the use of ropes and weights. This option also makes the windows slimmer because you don’t need to have the mechanism inside – providing a traditional look with a more modern opening system.  You can also specify bespoke window furniture such as Fitch fasteners or Board & Clasp fasteners.

We offer two different types of sash window; one is a 28mm double glazed unit that complies with all the most recent building regulations and has the highest energy rating. The second option is specifically for listed buildings and is designed with twelve individually glazed units.  This is a much better option for properties that would otherwise have to install secondary glazing.

Energy saving performance

Our timber sash windows achieve an impressive 1.5 w/m2k overall U value and, when glazed with energy-saving thermafloat warm-edge sealed units, can achieve 1.1 w/m2k. Seals are of Q-Lon to ensure maximum draught-free surrounds and the ultra-tight lockable furniture is PAS 24-compliant. A wide choice of quality fittings are available in a range of complementary finishes.


A rigorous 5-stage process ensures that each of our products is protected and painted, and can withstand the elements with minimum maintenance.

Our method is:

Stage 1 – A chemical dip to minimise moisture absorption
Stage 2 – A chemical dip to protect against fungi, insect infestation, and mould growth
Stage 3 – Application of primer and undercoats using micro-porous products
Stage 4 – Spray finish first coat according to your colour choice
Stage 5 – Spray finish second coat

Micro-porous paints allow all timber fibres to be penetrated and to build up protection from within, unlike cellulose paints which form a skin on the outer face and require time-consuming treatments on a regular basis. To keep new products in pristine condition, we recommended a quick wipe down and a further coat be applied after approximately 7 years.

Windows for conservation areas

Our timber sash window products will sympathetically replicate the original designs and can accommodate high-performance, slimline, sealed units to satisfy the requirements of your local Conservation Officer.


  • Low U Values + excellent thermal efficiency
  • Slim sightlines
  • Low maintenance
  • Replicates appearance of traditional sash windows
  • Over 200 RAL colours to choose from + stock colours - factory sprayed with 3 coats of micro-porous paint - no need to paint for up to 10 years
  • Complies with modern Building Regulations.
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Improve the look of your home with timber sash windows from our collection. At The Window Sanctuary in Brasted, Kent, we utilise our skilled craftsmen to design and supply authentic sliding sash windows. Made from specially selected pine or hardwood, we ensure that all windows are manufactured to the very highest quality, ensuring that you get a superior product. All of our fitters are directly employed by us so we guarantee a superior installation in your home.